Zimbra Talk v2.2.17.2 – Introducing Multi-tenancy and a redesigned installer from scratch

Hello,Everyone! Last March we announced Zimbra Talk. Zimbra Talk can be used for chat, audio or video calls. Conversation groups can consist of two or more members, and new participants can be invited at any time.
Introducing, Zimbra Talk v2.2.17.2, which includes a couple of features highly demanded by our Customers and Partners:

  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • Brand new installer to make the installation process much simpler
  • A couple of UI and UX improvements
  • New security mode to choose between “public” or “private” for video-chat feature
  • And another 18 Bug Fixes, please see the Changelog section

How to update: Complete video with all the needed steps

For those who already have an older version of Zimbra Talk, we encourage to upgrade to the latest Release by following the steps from the next video:

New Installer, new Wiki documentation
The brand new installer makes the installation of Zimbra Talk a much simpler task, with just a few steps of configuration, improved pre-installation checks for the Zimbra Environment and much more. You can find the new Installation process right here:

Changelog for Version

  • Fixed a condition where when starting a new conference the page would refresh
  • Fixes for language specific interfaces
  • Fixed file transfer error
  • Fixed an issue where the video chat would not appear
  • Fixed Online/offline issue with contacts
  • Various icon placement and styling fixes
  • Updated GUI styling
  • Admin can now kick a user properly from group video chat
  • Prevent redirection when starting a chat
  • Roster changes to accommodate more than 200 users
  • Display name is retrieved now for users
  • Various updates to error dialogs and messages
  • Various layout and text fixes
  • Updated localization capabilities
  • Fixed hovering and clicking action on contacts
  • Various buttons and action fixes
  • Roster searching improvements
  • “Is typing…” now appears in text chat
  • Umlaut issue in chat names fixed
  • Text can now be selected with ctrl a
  • Tab indexing issue in admin zimlet fixed

Do you want to try Zimbra Talk? The new package is already on the website:

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